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Our Design & Estimate Process

Initial Contact – After an initial conversation by phone, email or face to face we will forward you a brief Questionnaire (tick and flick) sheet to fill in as soon as possible and send back to us…this will give us a great head start for our discovery meeting.

Discovery meeting

Once we have received your completed Questionnaire we will be in touch immediately to arrange a meeting in our display office with directors Adam Begbie & James Bentham for a 90 minute no obligation Discovery meeting. We will get a feel for each other to make sure we are a good fit (after all we are going to be in pretty close contact for up to 12 months should we build your home so it’s pretty important we like each other. We will ask many questions in this meeting and listen to you regarding your lifestyle wants and must haves. We will offer our professional advice and will talk about ball park construction costings and what to expect in the journey through design, construction and right up to handover day!!.

Concept Stage – 7 – 14 days – After Our discovery meeting and acceptance of our Concept design and quotation proposal We will arrange to meet again either in our office or on your building site, This meeting will be more construction and inclusion focused, we will take down lots of notes regarding all aspects of the home from site conditions/services/ Internal & external finishes landscaping and swimming pools. This meeting may take up to two hours and the information from this meeting will form the basis of our initial concept design. We encourage you to bring any photos/magazine cut outs etc into this meeting along with your land details and covenant if applicable.
The concept stage will take between 7 & 14 days dependent on the complexity of the home and site, we will keep you informed during this stage advising how we are traveling and may need to ask via phone or email a few more questions.

Concept Presentation Meeting

Once our drafting and estimating departments have completed Concept drawings and initial Concept estimate we will be back in contact to arrange a further meeting.
During this meeting we will present you with your concept plans and detailed estimate both in hard form and on our unique online client communication portal. From this meeting it is still likely that changes to plans and specifications are required and you will be able to make a completely informed decision, to take the next step to Preliminary agreement stage.

Preliminary agreement stage 7 – 10 days – After our Concept presentation meeting and your decision to move towards the prelim agreement stage , We will have our drafting department make all changes as discussed and turn your concept drawings into full working drawings , Our Estimating department will work with suppliers and contractors to gain best price fixed price quotations and our construction department will send for soil test/engineering and contours (if required).

Fixed price Quotation and Preliminary Working drawing

Presentation – In this meeting we will present you with a fixed price quotation with supporting specifications and full set of preliminary working drawings, we guarantee this price to be fixed for 45 days from presentation. We will advise you of estimated construction time and likely completion time frame.

Contract delivery Stage – Once agreement has been reached on price plans and
specifications. Begbie Bentham guarantee to supply contracts within 3 working days, this paperwork will be dropped to your home for you to peruse at your leisure we will then organise to meet you at our office for signing, you will leave this meeting with a hard copy of plans and contracts for your financial institute (if applicable) and a copy for yourself.

Council Approval & Construction timeline

Building approval & Specification selection stage – 3 – 5 weeks

Once contracts are signed and deposit has been received Begbie Bentham will guarantee within 72 hours to submit plans and engineering into Council/Certifier to gain building and plumbing approval. The approval process will take approx. 21 working days unless relaxations are being sought which can add time which we will be advised at time of submission.
Whilst the home is undergoing certification the fun starts and you will work with our Fabulous Colour consultant to choose all colours fixtures and fittings ideally all selections are completed to coincide with approval of plans.

Construction Commencement – Within 10 days of approvals

Once we have all approvals, approved finance and completed selections Our construction
department is given the green light to commence works, ordering of materials and scheduling of trades commences, Begbie Bentham guarantees to commence work on your site within 10 days of receiving all approvals. Begbie Bentham will provide our clients with an electronic Calendar version of scheduled works and will be able to see first hand what is happening on their site right up to anticipated and estimated completion.